We offer personal training and weight management solutions to help our clients (brides, grooms, parents of the bride and groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids) look and feel great for the big events that come along with a wedding (hen and stag parties and the Wedding day)


We offer online coaching tailored to the  needs of each client to help them reach their goals. Most of our clients usually want to lose body fat and generally tone up ready for the hen party and to look great and feel confident in their wedding dress. 


We help our clients reach these goals through a combination of tailored exercise programs and nutritional advice. The nutrition advice will be tailored to the client and based on their age, height, current weight and activity level

Our monthly packages are as follows: (monthly cost)


Single contract (e.g. Bride or Groom) £150

Joint contract (bride and groom) £280


Group contract (add additional members to your single or joint contract) £75 per month, per person.


Additional members include parents, groomsmen, bridesmaids.

At FIT2WED we don’t believe in ‘dieting’ to achieve a weight loss goal. We will help our clients build healthy habits into their current lifestyle that will allow them to the enjoy food they love while working to reach their desired goal.

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